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A very simple decision model that decides how to greet a customer based on her gender, marital status, and current time
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Decision Variables (Glossary) Executed Business Rules (Original Rules)
Name Value
Gender Female
Marital Status Married
Current Hour 20
Greeting Good Evening
Salutation Mrs.
Rule Decision Table Rule #
IF Current Hour = [17..22) THEN Greeting = Good Evening DefineGreeting 3
IF Gender Is Female AND Marital Status Is Married THEN Salutation Is Mrs. DefineSalutation 2

Execution Protocol

RUN TEST: Test 1
Decision Run has been initialized
Decision DetermineCustomerGreeting: Define Greeting Word
Assign: Greeting = Good Evening [Good Evening]
Decision DetermineCustomerGreeting: Define Salutation Word
Conclusion: Salutation Is Mrs. [Mrs.]
Decision has been finalized
Validating results for the test
Test 1 was successful

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