OpenRules Sandbox
OpenRules Evaluation Sandbox
This website allows you to analyze and execute standard OpenRules-based decision models presented in Excel. You may open and save these Excel files and use them as a prototype for your own decision models. You may upload and execute your desion model as well - see instructions
Decision Models
Name Description URL Execute
DecisionHello This simple decision model defines how to greet a customer during different times of the day
DecisionHelloError The same as "DecisionHello" above but with a syntax error
DecisionUpSell This decision model demonstrates how complex up-sell rules can be organized in simple decision tables
DecisionVacationDays This decision model calculates vacation days for different employee categories
DecisionCreditCard This decision model deas with a creadit card application and is described in this blog-post
DecisionPatientTherapy The decision model "Determine Patient Therapy" is described in this tutorial
DMNPrimer This decision project contains an implementation of the primer example for the OMG standard DMN described here
TheDecisionModelPrimer This decision project contains an implementation of The Decision Model primer described here
Custom Decision Model Enter URL of your own decision model